New LOBSTR updates are live!

Featuring app localization, new onboarding tutorial, asset-to-asset trades and more

3 min readNov 12, 2019


It’s been a busy few weeks for the LOBSTR team and we are excited to share what we have been working on.

The new version of LOBSTR wallet is now live on Google Play and App Store packed with important new features and great improvements to existing ones. LOBSTR web app got a nice update as well .

Find out what’s new with LOBSTR wallet:

Localization support

The support of multiple languages was one of the most requested features by LOBSTR users for a while.

Today we are very happy to announce that LOBSTR mobile apps are translated into five different languages with the latest v4.6.5 release on Android and iOS platforms.

You can now set English, Spanish, Korean, Russian or Thai language as the default one in the Settings of LOBSTR mobile apps. Keep up with the prices, send funds, trade on SDEX and enjoy other features in your preferred language.

Example of the ‘Send’ screen translated to ‘Korean’ language

The localization of LOBSTR apps is currently being actively worked on. We’ll continue improving this feature and updating the translations in the upcoming releases. We are also looking to add support for more languages such as Chinese and French in the future — stay tuned for more announcements.

There is some good news for web app users as we’ll roll out the support of localization for LOBSTR web app in the upcoming months.

New onboarding tutorial, 2FA improvements and more mobile updates

New and fancy tutorial at the start of the app

With the latest 4.6.5 release, users will see a handy onboarding tutorial at the start of the app.

This new visually pleasing intro highlights some of the key features of LOBSTR mobile apps and may be useful for those just starting their journey with the Stellar network and LOBSTR wallet.

This release also introduces the ability to enable and manage two-factor authentication (2FA) for login and outgoing transactions inside LOBSTR mobile app.

Manage 2FA inside mobile apps

A lot of other updates and improvements made their way into mobile apps greatly improving the overall experience.

These updates include trading of non-XLM (asset-to-asset) pairs, the ability to see the reserved balance right from the Home screen, assets issuer’s home domain now being clearly visible for email payments and many more.

If you are yet to download LOBSTR mobile apps — go ahead and try them out.

Trading non-XLM pairs and website updates

One of the notable new features recently introduced for web and mobile apps is the updated SDEX trading interface.

The new interface now allows exchanging any non-XLM market pair on SDEX. For example, you can exchange USD to NGNT or BTC to ETH both in web and mobile apps.

Trade non-XLM pairs, like USD to NGNT, both in web and mobile apps

You may also notice a lot of small updates all across the website like the ability to set a custom ‘Accept all’ address in Settings, improved search for transactions, completely new footer, project video overview at the landing page and a number of other useful enhancements.

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