Buy Lumens in LOBSTR wallet with VISA or MasterCard

LOBSTR partners with Indacoin to give you the option to buy XLM with your debit or credit card

4 min readSep 24, 2019


Buy XLM with Visa or MasterCard

Over the years LOBSTR has introduced thousands of users to Stellar network. We are always looking to streamline the onboarding experience and keep the balance between ease of use and advanced features.

New people often find roadblocks on the way to their first investment. Actually, “where can I buy Lumens?” was one of the most common questions that we heard from our users.

Building more fiat on/off ramps is the key to onboarding more users and driving adoption.

With the existing options, however, the process is not always user-friendly. Often, there’s no direct fiat-to-XLM on-ramp and users have to move and trade funds multiple times before finally getting Lumens in their own wallet. Sometimes users have to pay high fees, wait several days to complete complex KYC process or face strict geo restrictions.

We decided to solve these challenges and build the fiat on-ramp that we could confidently recommend to our users — global, fast, easy to use, with low fees and integrated with the wallet.

We are thrilled to announce that it is now possible to purchase XLM using debit and credit cards directly in LOBSTR wallet through our new partnership with Indacoin.

Bridging the gap between fiat and Stellar Lumens, this feature enables fast and secure payments using either Visa or MasterCard and allows users to purchase Lumens and other crypto currencies using LOBSTR wallet at a fair price with low fees in over 170 countries.

This feature is now live in the web interface at
It is also available on Android and iOS in LOBSTR — just make sure to update to 4.6.0+.

How do I buy XLM in LOBSTR?

It‘s really easy! You can buy XLM in LOBSTR wallet in a few steps:

  1. Login into the web interface or mobile app and choose ‘Buy Lumens’ in the side menu.
  2. Specify the amount you want to spend in USD, EUR, GBP or RUB.
    LOBSTR will instantly show the amount of XLM you will receive in your Stellar account.

3. Verify the details and confirm your order.
You will be redirected to Indacoin for the secure payment process.

4. Provide the necessary details for the KYC procedure required by Indacoin for the first-time purchasers. Starting with your second purchase using the same card, the process will be much faster.

5. Wait for your XLM to arrive. The process usually takes around 20 minutes for the first transaction and around 10 minutes starting with the second one.

More details

  • Service is available in 170+ countries worldwide (USA not supported). Refer to Indacoin website to get the full list of supported countries.
  • Buy Lumens with a debit or credit card issued by Visa or MasterCard with 3-D Secure enabled.
  • Pay for lumens in USD, EUR, GBP or RUB. Card currency conversion fees may apply.
  • The minimum payment amount for one transaction is 30 USD/EUR/GBP. The maximum transaction amount is 6,000 USD/EUR/GBP. Monthly purchases are capped at 30,000 USD/EUR/GBP.
  • Lumens arrive in your Stellar account in 10–30 minutes on average.
  • Transaction fees are lower than the market average and reduce with the increase of the payment amount.

BTC, ETH, XRP and other coins

You can now also buy other select cryptocurrencies with LOBSTR using your debit or credit card at a fairly low price.

Head over to to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple with more cryptocurrencies to be added in the future.
Anyone can benefit from these attractive rates — you don’t need a LOBSTR account to buy.

Invest in crypto, store XLM safely with LOBSTR and stay tuned — we’ve got more exciting news to share in the upcoming months!

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