Made possible through integration with DSTOQ who provides the assets infrastructure

LOBSTR is the most adopted wallet in the Stellar ecosystem, with a growing customer base of over ​300,000 ​unique users to date. Our team is constantly looking to innovate and bring exciting new updates to customers around the globe.

Today, we are happy to announce that users can now trade security tokens through their LOBSTR wallet thanks to the integration with DSTOQ. Existing users can now register to DSTOQ from the convenience of their LOBSTR wallet and can hold and trade stocks of some of the biggest companies in the world right from the LOBSTR mobile or web apps.

LOBSTR partners with Tangem to bring flexible multisig solutions to life

In the world of crypto, the safety of your funds is determined by the security of your secret key storage. People are always searching for trustworthy wallet solutions and thinking of how to store their private keys.

In this post we want to talk about one of the most efficient solutions to protect your account on the Stellar network — multisignature. If you heard about it, you know that enabling multisig significantly increases the security of your account and protects your wallet from in-person attacks as long as all secret keys are stored separately.

To make multisig setup easy and…

We believe Stellar is the best open network for payments.

And here’s why.

Have you ever made a payment on Stellar?
If so, you know how fast it is. The ability to send money to anyone in the world without any third parties in less than 5 seconds is quite impressive.

Transactions fees are low and predictable. And transactions are always final and non-reversible. If you received a payment, you can be sure it won’t be rolled back. There’s no need to worry about miners, unstable block times or count a certain number of confirmations before accepting payments.

This helps Stellar provide a better user experience compared to other decentralized systems like Bitcoin…

Featuring app localization, new onboarding tutorial, asset-to-asset trades and more

It’s been a busy few weeks for the LOBSTR team and we are excited to share what we have been working on.

The new version of LOBSTR wallet is now live on Google Play and App Store packed with important new features and great improvements to existing ones. LOBSTR web app got a nice update as well .

Find out what’s new with LOBSTR wallet:

Localization support

The support of multiple languages was one of the most requested features by LOBSTR users for a while.

Today we are very happy to announce that LOBSTR mobile apps are translated into five different languages with the latest v4.6.5 …

Identicons, improvements for transaction signing progress and M-of-N multisig

The new version of LOBSTR Vault is now live on Google Play and App Store.

Download Vault if you haven’t already, and join 500+ users who are using multisignature to protect their Stellar accounts.
LOBSTR Vault uses multi-sig to provide a second layer of confirmation for your transactions.

With multisignature, even if the secret key of your wallet is exposed, your funds are still safe, because any outgoing transaction will require additional signatures from connected accounts (signers).

What’s new in Vault 1.2.0:

1. Identicons for Stellar addresses

Following the introduction in LOBSTR wallet, identicons for Stellar addresses are now coming to LOBSTR Vault app.
Identicons are…

LOBSTR partners with Indacoin to give you the option to buy XLM with your debit or credit card

Buy XLM with Visa or MasterCard

Over the years LOBSTR has introduced thousands of users to Stellar network. We are always looking to streamline the onboarding experience and keep the balance between ease of use and advanced features.

New people often find roadblocks on the way to their first investment. Actually, “where can I buy Lumens?” was one of the most common questions that we heard from our users.

Building more fiat on/off ramps is the key to onboarding more users and driving adoption.

With the existing options, however, the process is not always user-friendly. Often, there’s no direct fiat-to-XLM on-ramp and users have to move…

How LOBSTR Inflation Pool will help developers utilize the power of Stellar Inflation

Building a sustainable cryptocurrency business is tough.
Majority of apps in crypto are free to install for end users, while their development and ongoing support requires a lot of resources.

Some projects are charging trading or withdrawal fees; others rely on affiliate fees from third party services — that may include asset listing fees, referral payouts or in-app advertising. However, if you are building an SDK library, or a non-custodial wallet, or DEX on Stellar — your options to monetize and charge any fees may be quite limited.

These challenges are not specific to Stellar, they exist in other blockchain…

Personalizing your Stellar experience

Sample selection of identicons

Depersonalized public keys

Ever been in one of those situations where you need to send funds over, but not immediately sure which public key you are looking at or if it’s the correct one? We sure did.

That’s because Stellar addresses are depersonalized at their core — you usually can’t tell much by looking at the address alone. Unless you are sending to this address quite often, of course.

You might mention federation addresses. Sure, federation addresses bring a certain level of personalization and are easy to remember, but also come with complications and are not supported by every service yet.

Double-checking the…


Simple and Secure Stellar Wallet.

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