Connect your favorite wallet to the best apps on Stellar

LOBSTR partners with Tangem to bring flexible multisig solutions to life

We believe Stellar is the best open network for payments.

And here’s why.

Have you ever made a payment on Stellar?
If so, you know how fast it is. The ability to send money to anyone in the world without any third parties in less than 5 seconds is quite impressive.

LOBSTR partners with Indacoin to give you the option to buy XLM with your debit or credit card

Buy XLM with Visa or MasterCard

Over the years LOBSTR has introduced thousands of users to Stellar network. We are always looking to streamline the onboarding experience and keep the balance between ease of use and advanced features.

How LOBSTR Inflation Pool will help developers utilize the power of Stellar Inflation

Personalizing your Stellar experience

Sample selection of identicons

Depersonalized public keys

Ever been in one of those situations where you need to send funds over, but not immediately sure which public key you are looking at or if it’s the correct one? We sure did.


Simple and Secure Stellar Wallet.

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